Boston Nightlife

Boston NightlifeFrom laid back bars to high-energy clubs, the nightlife scene in Boston has something for everyone. Check out our list of the city's best places to enjoy drinks, dancing and more; we're sure one of these places will suit your mood.

The Black Rose
The Black Rose is the best place to grab a pint in Boston. Touted as the city's premier Irish pub, the Black Rose offers traditional Irish cuisine and beverages. Enjoy favorites like fish n' chips and corned beef along with a pint of Guinness or the bar's own sangria. This popular nightlife hangout also features live music 7 nights a week.

Address: 160 State Street, Boston, MA 02109 - MAP
Phone: (617) 742-2286

The Warren Tavern
Hang out at one of the nation's oldest bars. The Warren Tavern has been serving beer since 1780 and was a favorite watering hole for historical figures like George Washington and Paul Revere. Now days, this nightlife venue doubles as a restaurant that serves up brunch, lunch, and dinner, including favorites like burgers, shepard’s pie, steak, and, of course, New England clam chowder.

Address: 2 Pleasant Street, Charlestown, MA - MAP
Phone: (617) 241-8142

Cheers Boston
Grab a beer at Cheers Boston, “where everybody knows your name”! That's right, this is the bar that inspired the famous TV show Cheers. Food, entertainment, and beer reign supreme at this famous nightlife destination.

Address: 84 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108 - MAP
Phone: (617) 227-9605

Party at the city's only mega club, Royale. This club claims to offer “the most luxurious nightclub experience in Boston”; modern décor and amenities compliment the club's atmosphere. For drinks, dancing, and live music, Royale is the best place to be on the nightlife scene.

Address: 279 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116 - MAP
Phone: (617) 338-7699

The Greatest Bar Boston
For the greatest night ever, the choice destination would be The Greatest Bar Boston. Seems kind of conceited to refer to itself as the greatest, but you'll find out how this nightlife spot lives up to its name in no time. Part restaurant, part sports bar, part nightclub, The Greatest Bar offers something for everyone, especially you.

Address: 262 Friend St., Boston, MA 02114 - MAP
Phone: (617) 367-0544


Beer Works

Address: 112 Canal St, Boston, MA 02114 - MAP
Phone: (617) 896-2300

Bukowski Tavern

Address: 50 Dalton Street. Boston, MA 02115 - MAP
Phone: (617) 437-9999

Vanderbilt Kitchen & Bar

Address: 105 Water Street, Boston, MA - MAP
Phone: (617) 292-3355


Address: 955 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02115 - MAP
Phone: (617) 421-1818

Hurricane O'Reilly's

Address: 150 Canal Street, Boston, MA 02114 - MAP
Phone: (617) 722-0161